1. AWWA a NGO is the acronym for Army Wives Welfare Association. As the association works for the welfare of the spouses, children and dependents of the Army personnel. It is aptly referred as the invisible hands that shape the punch of the Indian Army. The association has been officially registeredv as a Welfare Society with the Registrar of Societies, Delhi Administration on 23 August 1966. It is one of the largest voluntary organizations in India that has charted its course for fulfilling the societal obligation through social empowerment and skill building of spouses and dependents of Army personnel since inception. AWWA aims at the holistic development and well-being of Army Wives including their children and rehabilitation of war widows and differently-abled children.
  2. It also takes active part in the activities of Central and State Governments in their efforts towards national re-construction aimed at improving the living conditions of rural poor amongst the above categories of persons and protecting the human rights violation against the Army personnel and their families. 


  1. The objectives of AWWA are as under:-
    1. Empowerment of beneficiaries through vocational and structured training to enable them to become self reliant.
    2. Rehabilitation of war widows, widows and battle causalities.
    3. Empowerment and rehabilitation of differently-abled children of Army personnel.
    4. Reaching out to widows of Ex-Servicemen and rehabilitate them as per their qualification. 
    5. Encourage, assist and establish suitable handicraft projects and interfaces with other bodies in the handicraft sector to enable idual entrepreneurship, self-help groups and cooperatives to achieve the aim of Socio-Economic Empowerment.
    6. Protecting Army personnel and their dependents against human rights violations.
    7. Organise counseling for amicable and logical conclusion of marital disharmony cases.
    8. Assist Army wives including war widows in receiving their legitimate dues in terms of financial grants, allowances and other benefits from Army, Central and state Government.
    9. Award of financial assistance to needy children of widows of ex-servicemen. 
    10. Promote family health and hygiene including mother and child care.
    11. Welfare of patients in Hospitals including cancer patients.

 Activities on Empowerment of Women

  1. Vocational Training  AWWA is working for social enrichment, confidence building, environmental and health awareness of the wives of the serving as well as retired Army Personnel. Toward this end, Vocational Training Centres running at various Military Stations are imparting training on Nursery Teacher Training, Computer Education, Language skills, Driving skills, Candle making, Paper Bag Making, Stitching, Health and Beauty care courses, home based agro initiatives (Bee Keeping & Mushroom Culture)  and various other handicraft items.
  2. Empowerment of War Widows :  One of the core focus area of AWWA is the care for the widows of the martyrs. It has instituted Brave Hearts Empowerment Project for this purpose. AWWA provides emotional support and financial succor to its brave heart widows and is constantly working for the social and economic empowerment of this section. For socio-economic empowerment of this section, many micro ventures like Project Aahwan, Parishram Cell, AWWA Lunch Project, Paper Recycling plant etc have been initiated.

Care and Share

  1. Prerna Cancer Support Group AWWA also works for providing emotional support to the Army personnel and their dependents through Patient Care Cell, Cancer Support Group.
  2. Marital Discord Counselling  :  Astha Marital Disharmony Counselling Centres have been created to address marital discord issues which are a result of changes in socio economic status, separation due to service conditions and difference of opinion.  These centres have done a commendable work to prevent breakdown of marriages and have been instrumental in reconciliation.
  3. Asha Schools :  There are 38 Asha Schools managed under the aegis of AWWA, providing education, rehabilitation training and support to the  Differently Abled Children. Children from civil stream are also being given admission in the school.
  4. Training the Trainer :  Another core focus for AWWA is Early Childhood Education (ECCE) and Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) Courses. There are around 250 Preprimary Schools, which are being run in different Army Stations to provide best of quality education to approximately 35,000 children of army personnel. Realising the importance of trained teachers, AWWA in collaboration with National Council of Education Training and Research (NCERT), State Education Boards and Open Universities like IGNOU has initiated conduct of ECCE and NTT Courses in different Military Stations.  AWWA has also trained more than 1800 teachers of the preschools in various military stations with the help of faculty and academic guidance of NCERT.

 Financial Assistance

  1. Financial Grants : AWWA provides ex-gratia to the family of the deceased soldier, educational scholarship to the children of widows of ex-servicemen and distress grants during both natural calamities and economic penury. The details of grants are given under:-
    1. Ex-Gratia Grant  A onetime grant of Rs 15000/- (wef 01 Apr 2015) is being given as a token of immediate financial relief from AWWA to the next of  kin of all ranks of the Army who die in harness. This amount is supposed to be given by the unit/ formation/ institution/ establishment immediately on demise of a soldier and  reimbursed by AWWA subsequently.
    2. Disaster Relief Fund  AWWA also supports Nation Building efforts during disaster relief. Funds through corpus and by synergising with various Non Government Organisations and Government bodies are provided for relief and rehabilitation of affected areas. Meritorious cases are also considered for individual relief, at the discretion of Executive Management Committee and the approval of President AWWA.
    3. Financial Assistance for Education   The following categories of student are supported by AWWA:-
      1. All ladies widowed after the retirement of their husbands are ligible for educational financial assistance at the rate of Rs 8000/- for the first child and Rs 6000/- for the second child.
      2. The above rates of assistance will also apply to differently abled children of ladies widowed after retirement of their husbands, who are pursuing secondary /higher secondary/technical professional education.
      3. Scholarship for children of disabled soldiers invalided out of service on medical grounds without pension at the rate of Rs 8000/- for first child and Rs 6000/- for second child per year.
      4. Technical education grant to the children of widows and invalided disabled soldiers not drawing pension and pursuing technical education to a maximum of Rs 30,000/- for the first child and Rs 20,000/- for second child. The tuition fee in such cases upto a maximum of Rs 30,000/- and Rs 20,000/- will be fully reimbursed from the technical education fund.
      5. Marriage Grant Financial assistance towards marriage grant to widows/ dependants/orphaned children who are in financial distress.
      6. Disability Grant  Disability Grant of Rs 5000/- to 100% disabled personnel boarded out medically, when such disability is attributable to military service  in field, high altitude and counter insurgency/counter terrorist areas.
      7. Financial grant of Rs 6000/- for purchased of swing machine to the wives of personnel invalided out form service with 100% disability.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility  Contributions under the Corporate Social Responsibility activity are welcome and can be fwd to the following address : -


Room No-210, AWWA Secretariat

South Block

IHQ of MoD (Army), New Delhi-110011

12. For any kind of assistance or query the contact details are as under :- 

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Tel : 011-23018183