1. ‘ASHA’, a centre for differently abled children came into existence on 01 Jul 1991 with the aim to provide an environment which offered a combined curriculum of education and therapy, counselling and rehabilitation. Since, the time of its inception up till now, the school has proceeded step by step to establish its aims and achieve its goals.



  1. The aim of the school is to ensure an overall development of differently abled children of Defence Forces personnel (Combatant and Civilians) with a view to make them self dependent and contributing members of society.


  1. To work intensively with the children to develop their learning and coping strategies.
  2. To teach the children functional academic skills that would enable them to join mainstream of education system with self esteem.
  3. To establish work habits and an acceptable behavioural and educational programme suitable to each child’s needs.
  4. To develop capabilities in each child to her / his full potential.
  5. Inculcation of values to make children with special needs a useful and effective member of the family / society.
  6. To empower the special children to acquire professional skills to build capabilities.
  7. To include diagnostic and animal assisted therapies equine & canine for children to cope up with their day to day problems.
  8. To conduct workshops and continuous rehabilitation training programmes for parents to enable them to acquire skills to handle their children.
  9. To impart social skills through training amenities in the school for an independent living.

Disabilities Handled

  1. Fwg challenges/disabilities are handled at the school:-
  • Mental Retardation.
  • Cerebral Palsy.
  • Muscular Dystrophy.
  • Speech & Language Problems.
  • Hearing Impairment.
  • Learning Disabilities.
  • Multiple Disabilities.
  • Autism

Facilities Available

  1. Speech Therapy. 
    • For children with Hearing impairment and speech problems.
    • For children with delayed speech and language problems.
    • The school has recently procured Dr Speech Therapy Software of Rs 2,14,760/-.


  1. Occupational and Physiotherapy.
  • For the management of children suffering from developmental delay.
  • To help the children to learn the correct body posture and the correct use of aids and appliances.

To entertain child’s requirement regarding physical   and mental deficits according to the area of intervention, in which the child should be focussed upon.

  • To conduct individual classes for regular update on functional skills.
  • Patterning and gait training.
  • Self help skills.
  • Exercises to avoid contractures in cerebral palsy cases.

  1. Hydrotherapy.
  • Facility for rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy Intellectual & developmental disability and autism.
  • Leads to normalisation of abnormal postural tone. 
  • Relieves muscle spasm.
  • Improves balance and coordination.


  1. Equine Therapy.
  • Animal assisted therapy which helps in increasing physical, mental, emotional and developmental capabilities.
  • Helps strengthen   spine   and   pelvis   muscles,   improve   posture, coordination and enhance the joint mobility.
  • Instil a feeling of control combined with sense of accomplishment and self esteem.


  1. Canine Therapy.
  • Animal assisted therapy which helps in increased attention and duces anxiety.
  • Helps in behaviour modification programme.
  • Helps to coordinate the movement and communication in child.


  1. Pottery.
    • Helps to improve fine and gross motor skills. 


  1. Sensory Integration Room.
    • Provides a systematic and regular sensory diet to the children to achieve better sensory integration.


  1. Resource Room.
    • A centrally located facility for resource sharing for special educators.


  1. Library.
  • A well stocked library with ample space, also equipped with a PC and projector.


  1. Children Park.
  • Outdoor play area for children.

  1. Aastha - a Home Model for Differently Abled Children. 
  • Inauguated by President AWWA on 02 Dec 16.
  • The home model aims to train the students on domestic Activities of Daily Living (ADL) by providing a home environment
  • Fully equipped with all household facilities for training.

  1. Sports Facilities. The following facilities are available.
    • Bocce
    • Badminton
    • Mini Basketball court
  2. CCTV Camera System. There are a total of 35 x CCTV cameras installed in the school for monitoring and security purpose.

Inter School Competitions (2016-17)

26.  Salwan Marathon organized by Special Olympic Bharat on 05 Nov 17.

  • 03 Children participated in the event.
  • Master Abhinav bagged 11th position in the event.

27.   Special Athletic Event organized by Aashirwad Special Education School on 16 Dec 17.

  • 32 Childrn participated in the event.
  • Asha School students bagged a total of 24 medals in different events/age groups.

28.   9th Inter School Carrom competition org by Very Special Arts India on 20 Apr 18.

  • 04 Children participated in the event.
  • Asha School students bagged two gold medals in the event.

  1. 14th Inter School computer competition org by Very Special Arts India on 27 Apr 18.
    • 04 Children participated in the event.
    • Asha School students bagged two gold medals in the event.

30.  Annual Sports Day 2018.

(a)       Annual Sports Day of Asha School, Delhi Cantt was celebrated on 16 Feb 18 at Harbaksh Stadium. Maj Gen Rajpal Punia YSM, COS, Delhi Area and Mrs Anita Punia, Vice Zonal President AWWA, Delhi Area graced the function. The event was also witnessed by Maj Gen Rajesh Puri, Cdr BWG, Brig Bimal Kant Rattanpal, Brig A, Delhi Area, Brig Snehansu Ghosh, Comdt, 505 ABW and other dignitaries from HQ Delhi Area and other units besides Parents/Guardians of the children.

(b)       The function incl 22 events for the children such as sports competitions, fun games cultural games etc. A total str of 104 students (90 students of Asha School and 14 students of Vishwas – EAC) participated in the event. Total 69 prizes were distributed in the event.

(c)        DHFL Pramerica had sponsored Track Suits for the children on this occasion while Saras Dairy sponsored refreshments for children & Lunch for all the guests & staff on the occasion.

32.     Yoga Camp.      To commemorate Platinum Jubilee and 10th Corps reunion, Corps of EME is organizing adventures activity. Ultra Marathon is one such event.  A strength of two officers and eight other ranks would be running half marathon for 50 days. The marathon begins from some landmark and terminates in some school/institution. On 01 Mar 18 this marathon finished at Asha School, Delhi Cantt. A Yoga Camp was organized in Asha School by EME Directorate that saw the participation of Asha school children alongwith the marathon participants. The Yoga camp was a success and saw our children participating with enthusiasm and in perfect synchronization which was a treat to watch.


Chief’s Conclave on 08 Sep 17

Mrs Kalbekova Nurgul Mamyshevna, Spouse of CGS, Armed Forces  of the  Kyrgyz Republic on 27 Nov 17.

COS, Delhi Area on 29 Nov 17

Zonal President AWWA on 05 Dec 17

GOC, Delhi Area on 16 Mar 18

How to apply. 

The individual needs to submit an application addressed to the Principal, Asha School, Delhi Cantt for participating in the volunteer programme, bringing out his/her areas of interest for volunteer services. Application form can be obtained from the school. A letter of recommendation from his/her school/college/workplace is also desirable. Based on the application, the individual may be called fro an interview with the Principal. The application will be forwarded alongwith recommendation of ther Princpal for approval of the President, Mgt Committee. Once approved, the applicant will be informed of his/her acceptance along with, the duration of the programme.

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