Western Command


1.    Welfare of families of serving soldiers is a command function. In this endeavour, wives of Officers, JCOs and OR contribute immensely under the aegis of FWO at all levels. Accordingly, Panther FWO has been designed to look after welfare of all Ranks and families (both serving and retired) in the complete Division area of responsibility with its sub centres at Amritsar, Khasa, Tibri and Jalandhar.

2.    Aims and Objectives. The aims and objectives of Panther FWO are as follows:-

(a)     Empowerment through education and vocational training of families (of both serving personnel and ex-servicemen) through Vocational Training Centres.

(b)     To guide, educate and train Special (differently abled) Children of serving personnel/ex-servicemen to facilitate their smooth transition into the main stream through Asha School.

(c)     To espouse the welfare of Veer Naris through Veer Nari Welfare         Committee.

(d)     To guide affected families on legal matters and relationship building.

(e)     To provide financial assistance to needy ex-servicemen/ NOK of martyrs, widows and orphans.

(f)      To look after the welfare of patients in Mil Hospitals.

(g)     Improvement in Quality of Life, habitat and quality time with families.

3.      The organisation of Panther FWO is as under :-

(a)     Governing Body.     The Governing Body of Panther FWO lays down the guidelines for FWO functioning so as to achieve its goals in the Panther Div.  Its organization is as follows:-

  1. Stn Amenities

(a)     Santushti Complex. The Santhushti   Complex in Amritsar Mil Stn is a comprehensive shopping complex which has facilities of a    Bakery shop, Coffee shop, Tailor shop, ATM, Mob   Repair, consumer durables, Barber shop, Beauty Parlour, Optician, garments outlet etc. The families do not need to go outside the Cantt for their daily needs due to this novel concept. All items of necessity are available.  

(b)     Sajni Shop. The shop is stocking gift items at nominal rates and has a very comprehensive inventory which caters to the needs of the families. It has a mix of garments and household items such as crockery, cutlery, curios, carry bags, linen, etc.

(c)     Panther Sainik Institute.Social evenings for JCOs and OR families are org at Panther Sainik Institute on 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month for Amritsar Stn. Facilities like Guest Rooms, Wet Canteen, Gym, Badminton Court, and Library are available.

(D)      PAPPS and Army SchoolKhasa.The APS at Khasa is one of the leading educational institutions of the Army as borne by the last class XII results wherein it was ranked No 3 in India.

Vocational Training Institutes

1.       The objective is addressed through ‘Training and Awareness’ of the families of the Fmn at institutes established at Unit, Fmn and Station levels. At the Station level, Panther Aahwan Project (PAP), Amritsar and Ravi Army Skill Training Centre/ DBN Army Skill Training Centre, Tibri form the hub of activities for training ladies of the Div. All these Centres have been renovated and accorded an aesthetic face lift.

2.       NTT Classes 2017 -18.     NTT classes for the ladies of serving /retd Offrs, JCOs and OR of Amritsar wef 01 Jul 17 to 30 Jun 18, and Tibri wef 01 Mar 18 to 30 Mar 19 are in prog. Edn for Early Childhood Care and Social Foundation, New Delhi has been selected for conduct of the said NTT classes. 20 and10 ladies at Amritsar and Tibri Mil Stn are undergoing the course at present.  The same course will be conducted for Khasa Mil Stn wef Jul 18.

3.      Demo on paper Bag Making.   A demo on paper Bag Making was given by Mrs Sangeeta Verma w/o Nb Sub Arun Kumar of 15 IDSR. The main motto behind this activity was to avoid the use of plastic bags and use eco friendly paper bags to protect and safe-guard the environment. After the demo, all JCOs/OR families prepared paper bags.

4.       Counselling for students.   Students for classes 8th to 12th received counselling from Vrinda Kapoor of the “Career launcher Institute”.  The children alongwith their parents were advised how to effectively deal with exam time stress. They were also given career advice. Parents and students appreciated the counselling session.

5.      Music Classes.     Music classes for kids having interest in various musical instruments are being conducted by the Regt Jazz Band.

6.      Lecture on Safety and Awareness of Children.    A lecture on ‘Safety and Awareness of Children’ was delivered by Mrs Tina Rai, Chairperson FWO, 171 Med Regt. She discussed Good Touch and Bad Touch. They were educated on security aspects especially pertaining to road accidents. Children were advised to be extra cautious while moving on road. They were further guided on traffic rules and use of seat belts and helmets while driving.

7.      Painting Competition.  ‘Painting Competition’ for children was conducted on 22 May 2018 at Family Welfare Centre of 15 Arty Bde. 

8.      Mapping of Veer Naris.     The addresses and contact detls of all 224 Veer Naris in the Div AOR (Distt of Amritsar, Gurdaspur and Tarn Taran) have been registered. Regular interaction with Veer Naris by reps of the units in respective AORs is being carried out and their problems are being addressed. Veer Nari conclaves are held every quarter by respective Fmns. Veer Naris conclave was held to acquaint them with their rights/ entitlements which are due to them from various Central Govt/ State Govt agencies and welfare schemes/ edn facility launched by the Army for them and their wards. Veer Nari conclaves were chaired by the resp Bde Cdrs and Chairperson Bde FWO. The latest conclaves were org by 96 Inf Bde on 22 Feb 18 at Gurdaspur, 15 Arty Bde on 14 Mar 18 at Batala, 350 Inf Bde on 28 Apr 18 at Jallandhar and54 Inf Bde at Khasa on 30 Jun 2018.